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Founded in August 2000, Waveland Capital Group LLC is a private equity firm focused on the upstream oil and gas industry. Waveland invests alongside operating oil and gas companies, typically backed by multi-billion dollar private equity firms. The firm’s investments are in some of the most prolific basins in the U.S.: Permian Basin in West Texas, Anadarko Basin in western Oklahoma, the Williston Basin in North Dakota and the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico. Through its subsidiary, Waveland Energy Partners LLC, the firm sponsors private limited partnership offerings for accredited investors offered through independent broker-dealers and registered investment advisory firms throughout the U.S. Investments are generally made either as non-operated working interests, or as private equity ownership in an operating oil and gas company. The firm has invested alongside institutional private equity firms that have aggregate capital raised in excess of $80 billion. Its strategy generally parallels that of the institutional private equity model, which is focused on a “build and sell” strategy over a three to five year time horizon. In addition to the firm’s internal industry expertise, Waveland works with talented technical industry consultants encompassing skill sets including geology, engineering, geophysics and land management.